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A gallery from the successfully funded Little City Observations: Photography Exhibition in London

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The Chance Gallery filled with visitors on Monday night

On Monday evening I attended the exhibition launch of Little City Observations, a gallery of Stephanie Sadler’s collection of photography. Blogger and photographer Stephanie captures characterful scenes from cities around the world. Her work is best summed up by the Andy Warhol quote which she says inspires her investigative approach: “You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” In this way, Stephanie delves into the nooks and crannies of the city in a bid to “search out its eccentricities and find the thrill of the little things in the buildings” and this has often drawn her to the East End.

During my year of backing Kickstarter projects I’ve concentrated a great deal on technology and products and so on this occasion I was keen to support the arts in some way. Kickstarter is teeming with art, design and theatre projects, but Stephanie’s attention to detail and ambition to hold a solo exhibition stood out to me. It was great therefore to join Stephanie in celebrating on Monday evening on reaching her funding goal in September and making this exhibition a reality.

The exhibition runs from November 11th – 17th at The Chance Gallery in London’s Chelsea, a unique venue that is sadly due to become a retail space following the exhibition. Here are a few of my photographs from the brilliant evening of chatting with fellow Kickstarter backers and seeing Stephanie’s artwork for myself:

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